Institutional Investment Approach

Our Commitment to Our Clients

We will work closely with you to create an investment plan that is designed in an effort to protect and grow your wealth. We will develop a customized asset allocation based on your goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance. If needed, we will help you define and prioritize your goals.

Our institutional approach to investing will provide you with many of the same methods that endowments, foundations, and defined benefit plans have used in an effort to achieve returns significantly higher, and with much less risk, than the average individual investor.

At the heart of the institutional approach is the use of multiple asset classes, the selection of what are believed to be the best available investments from a broad universe of possibilities, the development and following of a written Investment Policy and the regular review of investment performance versus relevant benchmark indices and stated objectives. Each of these aspects of the institutional approach will be utilized to create a disciplined investment program customized to your individual needs.

We believe a portfolio built using multiple asset classes will offer you the best chance of achieving above average long-term returns while simultaneously dramatically reducing the likelihood of major short-term losses. Like institutional investors, we believe you will have an increased chance of experiencing more consistent performance, and more steady growth of your investment portfolio, in a variety of market conditions.

We believe that objectivity and independence are required when selecting the right investments for your portfolio. Though we have broad access to a wide universe of investments, we do not have any loyalties to outside firms or investment managers. We are completely free from the biases and conflicts of interest that are inherent when advisors receive compensation or other consideration based on their investment recommendations. The only relevant criterion when selecting investments is our belief that a given investment is the best in its category.

The cornerstone for the management of your portfolio will be your written Investment Policy. The Investment Policy will document how your portfolio will be managed over time. A written investment policy supports the consistent, disciplined following of your investment strategy and will help give you the perspective needed to stay prudently invested. This will be particularly important in either very good or very poor market environments when you may be tempted to abandon a sensible, well thought out strategy and react to short-term events or conditions.

Every quarter you will receive a detailed Quarterly Report. We will meet with you in person annually, or more frequently if needed or desired. The purpose of the Quarterly Report and our annual meetings is to objectively evaluate how your investment portfolio is performing compared to your investment policy. You will always know how your portfolio is performing, why it is performing the way it is, and what adjustments, if any, need to be made in an effort to achieve your goals.

We welcome the opportunity to conduct a complimentary and confidential interview to discuss your unique needs and circumstances and how we may be of assistance to you and your family. Please click here if you are interested in a no obligation meeting.