Integrated Wealth Management

If you are like most of the individuals and families we work with, over time you will need assistance on a variety of financial issues. Further, you will expect to get the best possible advice on each issue. In today’s sophisticated world you will find that it is not possible for one person, or even one firm, to provide a highly qualified expert in every area that you need advice.

To get the best advice on each subject you are going to need to use a group of specialist practitioners. If you are already working with professionals you are satisfied with we will be happy to work with them. If you need referrals to qualified specialists we have developed a network of highly regarded professionals with specialties in accounting, estate planning, business law, retirement plan administration, charitable giving, insurance, real estate, and several other disciplines.

Whether you use your own professionals, ones we recommend, or a combination thereof, you are going to want your professional planning team to work together in a complementary manner. If you wish, we will assume the responsibility of coordinating your team of professionals to assure that their efforts are consistent with your needs.

When you begin working with us we will develop a mutually agreed upon Integrated Wealth Planning Guide that outlines what the planning priorities and time frames are going to be during the first year of our relationship. Your Integrated Wealth Planning Guide will be unique to you and will be designed to address your most important issues first.

Throughout the planning process we are guided by three principles. First, that it is our responsibility to make recommendations and explain options. Ultimately, you will have to make the decisions that affect your financial life. Second, that we are providing the highest level of service and advice, as are the other professionals involved. And third, that we are working with you to ensure that your plan is integrated. That is, we are reviewing the overall plan to make sure each of the components are working together to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Planning your financial affairs is an ongoing process. In our experience, the people who experience the most success are those who continually update and revise their plans until they have developed a customized plan that efficiently meets their individual needs. Working together, we can help you develop a plan that is right for you.

We welcome the opportunity to conduct a complimentary and confidential interview to discuss your unique needs and circumstances and how we may be of assistance to you and your family. Click here if you are interested in a no obligation meeting.