Personal Service

Our Commitment to Our Clients

We will always strive to provide you with the highest caliber of personal service. We have structured our business so that we can give you the responsive professional service that you need. Our principals use a team-based approach that ensures we will respond to you quickly and provide you with access to the information or service you have requested. Each of our principals has personally met with and is familiar with the affairs of every individual or family with whom we work.

Our clients are typically people who have been very successful in their own careers but are lacking the time, interest, or experience to manage their own financial affairs in a disciplined and comprehensive manner. Every person or family we work with has their own unique needs and circumstances. It is our responsibility to tailor our service and style to your needs.

We will work hard to get to know you, your goals, and your challenges and to develop solutions that are personalized to your needs. We also recognize that you are the ultimate decision-maker. We will strive to give you all of the information and support you need to make educated, intelligent decisions in every aspect of your financial life.

In our relationship with you we will be a fiduciary. Simply stated, we will always put your interests first. Our relationship with you is based on mutual trust. The standard of care we owe you is analogous to the standard a doctor owes to a patient. This is a completely different standard than what a salesperson owes to a customer. No matter how it is presented, a salesperson’s primary loyalty is to his firm. As a fiduciary our only loyalty is to you.

We are dedicated to growing our firm through successful long-term relationships. We have found this approach to be the most successful and rewarding for both the individuals and families we work with and for ourselves. Our passion is to help you achieve true peace of mind and real financial security and our ongoing consultative approach assures you that we will be there to assist you as your financial situation evolves.

We plan on remaining a small, boutique firm so that our intimate focus on our relationships can remain intact. We do not have aspirations of becoming a large firm that tries to be all things to all people. We could never provide you with the level of service you deserve if we did. We welcome the opportunity to conduct a complimentary and confidential interview to discuss your unique needs and circumstances and how we may be of assistance to you and your family. Click here if you are interested in a no obligation meeting.