Planning And Investing For Your Future

Four Reasons Ward & Associates Is The Right Choice For You:


Ward & Associates operates on a fee-only basis and does not accept commissions or any other form of compensation from third parties. We have no allegiance to any product, company, or service beyond the belief that it is the most appropriate in your given situation.

Personal Service

We will work hard to get to know you, your goals, and your challenges and to develop solutions that are personalized to your needs. Our passion is to help you achieve true peace of mind and real financial security and our ongoing consultative approach assures you that we will be there to assist you as your financial situation evolves.

Integrated Wealth Management

If you are like most of the individuals and families we work with, over time you will need assistance on a variety of financial issues. Further, we will work to ensure each of the components of your overall plan are working together to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Institutional Investment Approach

Our institutional approach to investing will provide you with many of the same methods that endowments, foundations, and defined benefit plans have used in an effort to achieve returns significantly higher, and with much less risk, than the average individual investor.